Billin ALhadaf Cultural Center مركز الهدف الثقافي بلعين

Friday 9th of October-bilin-Palestine

The French Vist to Bilin

today is the 9th of october 2009.

We organize a demonstration with Balloons in billin village  which were  wearing some words in Arabic, english, french and spanish. These words were talking about peace, freedom and non violent actions.

At first we joined the all group of internationals and palestinian and we start walking together in the direction of the stolen lands in billin. the french people brought some flowers in the memory of Bassem and for his fight.

then we leave all the coloured and peaceful balloons blowing into the air of billin village in Palestine. they were the only ones who could pass the wall. they were floating onto bill’in’s olive trees. one of the bouquet of balloons get fixed in the wall, this was really symbolic because it was the one who was wearing the palestinian flag.

Few minutes after that the soldiers begun to through these lacrymogenic bombs onto the  people, the same people who were screaming these freedom words.

All the international people were collecting the empty bombs  which were laying down in the billin’s lands. Then we all went under an olive tree and we

depose notre butin. les gas continuaient de nous piquer les yeux, les enfants, sans aucune peur sont alles devant la barriere pour jeter quelques petites pierres. ils ont recu en echange des bombes lacrymogenes.

C est la lutte finale

tous ensemble et demain

l internationale

sera le genre humain !

Friday 2nd of October

Town Hell Discussion Nonviolence  In Palestine-billin

AL Hadaf Cultural Center Organize in Cooperation with MEND Middle East Nonviolence and Democracy Conference entitled Town Hell Discussion Nonviolence in Palestine Society Palestinian Unity and Human Security.

And the lecturers is

Saber Al Rabi : Democracy and disengagement .

Khitam Sa’afeen : The Part of the Woman in the Palestinian Society.

Abdullah Abu Rahmeh : the Coordinator For the popular committee Against the wall in Billin .