Our Activities

Activities done since April 2007 till now:

  • Arranged an International camp for about 50 members.
  • Made a play in the school of Bill’in in front of 400 students.
  • Made a managerial skills training course.
  • Participated in the “Book world day” activities with the ministry of education.
  • Participated in the Cultural revitalization course arranged by the ministry of education.
  • Arranged a sport festival in Ras Karkar in coordination with club and the council  of the village there, followed by a Ramadan evening.
  • Hosted a French group twice.
  • Participated in the “Palestinian Heritage day” in the Cultural Palace of Ramallah.
  • Held a meeting in our center for the all the cultural centers in the area of west Ramallah in order to coordinate common activities in between. The centers included were the Handalah center in Safa, Hasad center in Beit A’ur, Ayam Zaman center in Kufur Na’ma.
  • Made a movie show in the title of “Al-Nakba” in the center of Bill’in.
  • collecting food and clothes for the people in Gaza strip in January 2009
  • Creating Voluntary Youth Committees leader cycle Management
  • Organize a Lecture about Al Qouds The Arab Cultural capital for 2009 in the date 31 of January 2009
  • Creating a Day for growing 100 tress in the village in the 13th of February 2009
  • making a volunteer days in the school paint some Classes with the Students union in the school.
  • A Lecture about the Palestinian dialogue on Cairo is it a solution or not.
  • Organize a play about the Palestinian situations and what happen for some of the youth.
  • make many Medical day for the village people  and to see who need medical help and medical care.
  • opening a computer library Funded by AGIR pour le Palestine . Established on june 2009.
  • Making a summer camp for the children titled the water and the Land funded by GTZ German Palestinian Development cooperation.
  • making a workshop for Photograph to the Children training and Funded by Agieal Palestine in France and cooperation with women committee in june 2009.
  • Making a move for  project  titled bridges on Air about the whole situations in Palestine between the 4 deferent places Billin village , Nil’in Village , Al Mesara Village , Roma City ( Italy) .
  • making some Psychotherapy workshop  for the Children in the village.
  • A presentation about the Town Hell style discussions on violence in Palestinian society.
  • A Lectors about titled Know your Rights 12th of Oct 2009 Cooperation with  AL Ddamer Prisoner support and human rights Assoiecations. And the dissections is about the prisoners and arrested people in the Israelian Jails & have some directions about what to do when they come to arrested somebody and what his important right and the family support for him.
  • A funny and Playing Day for the children on 27th of oct 2009 cooperation with Heart to heart Assoiecations.